30 Day Shred, Update 1

Today marks Day 10 of Level One of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred.

I’ve never stuck with a workout plan for more than a couple days, especially not something this difficult. My body doesn’t ache when I move anymore, and I can finally lift up my conditioner bottle when I’m in the shower again. I have a newfound confidence in my own strength and endurance, but I’m afraid Level Two will knock me right back down off of my pedestal. This is probably a good thing, but anticipating going through what I did in the first few days of Level One makes me nervous.

About halfway through Day 1, I cried. I kept going, but my body ached. Everything was shaking and I felt so broken down and lousy. Why had I let myself get to the point where a minute of pushups and 2 minutes of lunges with bicep curls could possibly make me feel this horrible? I picked myself up, talked it over with my boyfriend and decided I wouldn’t let this get me down. I am better and stronger than that. Days 2-4 were the worst. I couldn’t walk up or down stairs and my legs regularly bucked underneath me. If I am going to be completely open,¬†getting up from the toilet was the worst feeling. I dreaded peeing. I wanted to give up the second I turned the video on each day and it was hell getting through it.

Then, Day 5 happened. I didn’t hurt nearly as much, and I noticed I didn’t have to take even half the breaks I had taken previous days. I felt this entirely new sense of confidence in myself and I pushed through. I have a really hard time doing workouts that aren’t fun. Around Day 8, I got really tired of hearing the same Jillian phrases over and over again. The work out wasn’t nearly as difficult anymore, but it was boring. What got me through them was the thought of getting to Level Two in a few days.

I’ve seen some slight changes in my waist and my hips. My arms are smaller, too. I haven’t retaken measurements since Day 1, but the changes are starting to become visible. I will be remeasuring on Day 5 of Level 2, halfway through the program. I’ll post those with the next update. I don’t weigh myself, so I’m not sure how much I’ve lost on that front, but I find it better not to look at that number otherwise I will obsess about it.

Jillian is difficult. She pushes you harder than you thought you could push yourself. But, I have to hand it to her. I feel great; she’s making a difference in my life. I decided that whether I walk out of this program having lost 10 inches or having lost 0, I would not be upset. My goal is to finish, and to finish strong. I will do it.